5 Ways To Work On Your Business During Lockdown

Nothing You Can Be doing?

Now is the ideal time to work on your business as you can do all those things you have been putting off as you have been too busy on client work etc.

Here are my 5 useful ways to work on your admin during lock-down:-

1 - Research

Admin during lockdown - Research

Whilst things are quiet get on to Google (Other search engines are available) and get searching.

Look up potential clients in your area and get their contact details, look for organisations that hold events/courses that may be interesting for when things get back to ‘normal’, research alternatives to the software or equipment you use, is there a better/cheaper product you could be using and why not have a look what your competitors are up to at the moment.

Chat in Facebook groups and see how people are surviving the lock-down and if they have any needs that your company or others you know could help with.

2 - Website

admin during lock-down - Website

Were you thinking about rebranding or amending that page that has the spelling mistake or broken link on it?

The lock-down provides a good time to get on your website, tidy up those pages, check the links and add some more content. Is there anything your business can sell online, a course, advice, products?

Look at how you are marketing yourself at this time.

3 - Filing

Admin during lock-down - Filing

Not doing anything now? you have got time to put away those books, put those papers in to a ring binder and start working on those receipts.

Don’t try to do it all at once, a little and often is the best and once on top keep doing it.

4 - Accounts

Admin during lock-down - Accounts

A perfect time to get in touch with your accountant and set up that spreadsheet or Quickbooks (Insert other titles here) and do something with those bags of receipts and start this tax year on the right footing by logging things as you go.

This does two things, firstly it makes next January less of a panic and secondly you will be up to date and know exactly how well your business is doing financially which will help with planning and business decisions.

5 - Contact Current Clients

Admin during lock-down - Contact

Things may have gone quiet, they maybe struggling or wondering what to do next. A simple phone call or email keeps you and them in the loop and shows them you care and are thinking of them.

You may be able to work out a way of working remotely you never thought of or you can plan for that ‘normal’ day so you can both hit the ground running when it comes.

Bonus Tip

Virtual Assistant Doncaster Admin Focus Zone

If you have work on but keep getting distracted by the tv, the kids or the dog then sign up to one of my Focus Zones.

Book some time in a quiet room, shut the door, log on with other people who will keep you accountable and for 2 hours get your head down on some deep work and get a report done, finish that spreadsheet or get that wordcount up on your next novel.

For forthcoming dates and to sign up go to www.helpwithadmin.com/focuszone


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