8 Time-Management Hacks
to Optimize Your Life In and Outside Work

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.

William Penn

Wise words by William Penn found in AZ Quotes. List of 25 Top Time Saving Quotes 

The article that led me to search for a time saving quote was 8 Time-Management Hacks to Optimize Your Life In and Outside Work when I was doing my daily trawl on Flipboard.

The top 8 tips on time management:-


1. Get everyone to agree on your priorities.

Good idea then everyone knows what they are doing and what you are doing so can keep out of your way or give you a little nudge if you are going off on a tangent.


2. Get a good calendar.

Write it down, whether it is electronic or in good old paper format. Once it is in your diary you can start planning and it also gives you a reminder when you forget. My wife and I do a diary check each week to see if there have been any amendments.


3. Structure your day around when your brain is at its peak.

Find out if you are a morning or an evening person and plan you work for those times.


4. Identify ‘the one thing.’

Identify the one thing that will make a difference to what you are doing and work on that, and work on one thing at a time.


5. Separate opportunities and operations.

Of the 8 time management tips these next 3 require someone to help and who better than a Virtual Assistant.

The VA can carry out operational stuff like processing orders, answering emails, doing the banking and website things whilst you get on exploring opportunities for growth as these will not happen if you if the back room doing the paperwork.


6. Focus on profit-producing activities.

The follow up from time management tip number 5, once you have split tasks between opportunities and operations you should be working on the opportunities and your VA will be taking care of the operations.


7. Delegate.

You can try doing it all but you will end up with burn out and lost opportunities. Many surveys point out that the average UK business waists 120 days a year doing admin tasks. Pass on the paperwork to your VA and get on with making money.


8.Adopt the ‘laptop lifestyle.’

Not sure if I agree on this one, work and social life should be separate for me but I suppose if you have a laptop and some deadtime why not use it