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Book Keeping

VAT Calculator

A great little online app to help you work out what the value of your item or service will be once VAT is added or if you have lost your receipt you can use it to find out the net amount

Time Management

Activity Bubbles

This app adds a bubble to your background every time you open up your phone. The good thing is the bubble are in the background so you can see at a quick glance that you have not received a message etc. the downside is you have to spend time counting the bubbles to find out how many times you opened your phone. 

Time Management

Unlock Clock

This app takes over your lock screen and shows you the number of times you opened your phone during the day. A good instant sign but it hides home screen too which could temp you more look.

Time Management

We Flip

This is for groups, you all set up the app, tip the 'egg timer' like button and it counts how long before one of the group stops what they were doing and looks at their phone. The downside is then it stops everyone even if everyone else was still in full work flow. 

Website/Social Media



A great online tool for doing collages. Select you layout, upload your pictures and then drag and drop to make your completed design.


Folder Painter 1.2

Is it just me or do you spend ages looking for a Windows folder on your PC screen to be able to open up a document?
Folder Painter give you the option to right click any folder on your Windows PC and select ‘Change Folder Icon’. It them gives you a whole range of colour changes you can perform to your folders.