Once out of our Focus Zones we constantly find whilst doing tasks things zapp our productivity and things that we hoped would only take a few minutes end up taking hours or even days.

“There’s An App For That!” looks out for those hints/tips and apps for your phone and or computer to help you improve your productivity.”

How Long Do You Spend Looking
For A Folder On Your PC?

Folder Painter - Folder Colour Changer

Folder Painter 1.2

Is it just me or do you spend ages looking for a Windows folder on your PC screen to be able to open up a document you are working on or you have been working on your document, made some amendments and now you have clicked on ‘Save As’ and cannot find the folder you found a few mins ago?

Whilst reading Computer Active magazine I found a new programme for changing Windows folder colours – Folder Painter 1.2.

Once carried out the download Folder Painter give you the option to right click any folder on your Windows PC and select ‘Change Folder Icon’. It them gives you a whole range of colour changes you can perform to your folders.

Then instead of seeing a sea of yellow folders as before you now will see colour coded folders that will save you time when opening or closing your next documents.

The only downside I found was there is not a preview option so you have to select the folder colour and then go through with the colour change to find out what it looks like and there is a slight delay in it happening so for a couple of seconds you think nothing has happened.

If you decide you don’t like the colour or you want to go back to the default Windows folder colour then just right click again for the ‘Change Folder Icon’ option and select another colour or ‘Default Folder Icon’ to go back to good old yellow folder colour.

Folder Painter is a free download for Windows 7, 8 or 10.

How Often Do You Look At Your Phone?

Phone Use Awareness Apps

We think we only look at our phone a few times a day but in reality survey we on average look at our phones around 50 times per day.

Granted there will be times when we truly need to use our phones but often just a quick look can cause a huge disruption to your work flow.

Do you know how often you look at your phone? Here are 3 apps that can help you.

Unlock Clock – This takes over your lock screen and shows you the number of times you opened your phone during the day. A good instant sign but it hides home screen too which could temp you more look.

Activity Bubbles – This adds a bubble to your background every time you open up your phone. The good thing is the bubble are in the background so you can see at a quick glance that you have not received a message etc. the downside is you have to spend time counting the bubbles to find out how many times you opened your phone. 

We FlipThis is for groups, you all set up the app, tip the ‘egg timer’ like button and it counts how long before one of the group stops what they were doing and looks at their phone. The downside is then it stops everyone even if everyone else was still in full work flow.

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