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I cannot remember exactly when I first became aware of this book but it was on one of my trips down to London either to see a show or when I went to Wimbledon after winning tickets in the public ballot.

 You know what it is like when you need to catch the train home and you want to make sure you are not late and you end up arriving at the station with hours to go?

I do it all the time and then spend my time wandering round the shops at St Pancras station.

 One of my favourite places is the bookshop near the entrance.

The picture jumped out at me and I noticed the book How to be an overnight success by Maria Hatzistefanis and I had a quick look through it, took a photo of the cover to remind me and then when I got back home I added it to my Amazon Wish List.

 A few weeks later browsing through my wish list I noticed that the book was down to 0.99p in kindle format so I purchased it.


Who Is The Author

How to be an overnight success is the story of Maria Hatzistefanis and how she set up the make-up company Rodial.



“One thing’s for sure: success does not come overnight”.

It may appear that Maria has come from nowhere and become an overnight success but in reality it has taken over 15 years to get to where she has.

This statement both fills me with hope and dread.

Hope because there is still time for my business to take off and dread in that having just set up my business there could be a long way to go.



The book has 15 chapters starting from when Maria got fired from her job and how she came to set up her company.

It then looks at the early days of her business working on her own.

Next it moves on to the company starting to be successful and looks at things such as employing staff, marketing yourself and getting your product in the shops

Finally it looks at how to keep ahead, how to stay motivated and the little things you should try and do all the time.

I like that the chapters are short (5 to 10 pages long) so you do not lose the will to live before you get to the end.

Even though her story is about the make up industry there are things that relate to any type of business that you can pick up on.

Maria understands she became an overnight success by lots of hard work.

One downside to the short chapters is that she does not go in to much depth about the problems.

Basically she says ‘I had a problem and then sorted it’ but problems and hints and tips and what people starting out are after so they don’t make the same mistakes or know what to do when those situations come up.

The best thing I liked was at the end of every chapter where there was a summary called ‘Overnight Success Secret’.

This gave 5 to 10 tips and things for you to work on your business.

Overnight Success

An Overnight Success is available on Amazon and at all good bookshops.

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