Help With Admin Data Policy


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Information Collected

For work carried out directly with Help With Admin, contact information such as name, address, telephone number and email address to enable me to keep in contact will be stored.

Also data on the tasks carried out on your behalf will be stored.

If working for a client Help With Admin will collect the data as required by that company policy.

Marketing will be done via social media sites such as Facebook, Instragram, Linkedin, Piterest and Twitter.

If people wish not to be contacted they are free at anytime to unfriend/unlike my pages.

Cookie will be used on the Help With Admin website to help Google Analytics and Google Adsence collect data about who has visited the website so the impact of my posts can be analysed and improved to be more effective, At no point from these cookie can individuals be identified.


How Long Information Will Be Held

For work carried out directly then data including emails will be deleted six months after the end of work carried out for you, unless details have to saved eg for legal purposes such as the HMRC then data will be stored for 7 years as per HMRC recommendations.

If work is carried out on behalf of another company then the data will be kept in accordance with that companies Data Policy.


Passing Of Data

At times your data may be passed on to third parties but only to assist in the completion of a task you have asked Help With Admin to process eg if you ask for an event to be booked or business cards to be printed then your data will be passed to those business.

Data will only be used in relation to the task given and will not be given out for any other purpose.


How Data will be saved

When working for a client where possible Help With Admin will only use that Company’s databases etc so as not to duplicate information etc.

If this is not possible or if work is carried out directly with Help With Admin then data will be saved and password protected on Microsoft One Drive.

Breaches of data will be forwarded to the IOC as per the GDPR regulations.


Your Data Requests

As per the GDPR regulations you can at anytime request what data about you Help With Admin has stored and this will be given to you by the 30 day deadline in the regulations.

As above unless for legal reasons all data about you will be deleted six months after the work that has been commissioned has finished but you have the right to request for that data to be removed earlier.


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