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An Accountability Group To Get Your Work Done!

During these times of social lockdown we find ourselves in it is more important than ever we set aside some focused time for ourselves. This enables us to concentrate on our work or studies and not be distracted by other family members, the TV, the washing or the decorating.

Zone provides an opportunity to do some as Cal Newport calls it ‘Deep Work’ allowing you to concentrate on those demanding tasks you keep putting off.

Focus Zone sessions will be broken down in to 3 parts:-

  • The group joining together at the start via Zoom for members to discuss what they are going to work on during the session. 
  • There will be a mid point check in and social/network chat.
  • There will be an end check in to find out how well each member met their earlier targets.

By blocking out time in your diary for a Focus Zone session you are more likely to do it. It also helps family and friends know when not to bother you as you are busy.

Sessions will held via Zoom with a link being sent to you once you have booked on a session.


Sessions can be used for things such as:-

Finishing off work to meet deadlines.



Learning lines/speeches.


Or planning your next year/book/workshop.


The chat facility with an experienced Administrator is available. You will be able to talk through an admin problem/idea you have without disrupting others.

As the attendances grow people with other skills such as writers and web designers will be available in the breakout zone to help you work through issues.

Who Can A Focus Zone Help?


A Focus Zone is ideal for those business people who have those  ‘would take too long to explain’ tasks that you just need to do yourself but keep getting distracted. 

Or tasks you never get round to doing like emptying your inbox/intray, background reading and research, business plans or writing up your next presentation.



A Focus Zone is ideal for those students who need a quiet space to do some last minute revision or a place to work on their course work home work and assignments.



A Focus Zone is ideal for those writers who have that idea for a new book but need a quiet time to get their words on the page or are trying to complete their current book and need to get their head down and finish it off to meet the publisher’s deadline.



A Focus Zone is ideal for teachers looking for a quiet place to do some marking or working on next terms lesson plans.



A Focus Zone is ideal for presenters needing a quiet place to finish off their next powerpoint presentation or write their next script.

Available Sessions

Once you sign up to a session a Zoom link will be emailed out to you.

Individual sessions are priced at £8 per person.

Or sign up to our monthly subscription priced at £20 to attend as many sessions as you wish.


Phone: +44 7764486711
MON-FRI 09:00 - 17:00