Helping You Focus On Important Admin Tasks

Focus Zones provide hints and tips in 4 important areas of business admin whilst also providing a space for you to turn off your phone and tell people you are busy allowing you to concentrate on those demanding tasks you keep putting off.

Forthcoming Sessions

4 Key Areas To Focus On

Each focus zone will look at one of the 4 key areas of admin you need to perform in your business.

The 4 key areas are:-

Book Keeping

Website/Social Media Management

Time Management


Hints & Tips

Each Focus Zone will feature a section looking at hints, tips, apps and websites and guest speakers that can help you be more productive in the 4 areas of Book Keeping, Website/Social Media Management, Time Management and Organisation/Planning.

Also watch out for additional tips on my Facebook & Linkedin pages.

What To Focus On?

Focus Zone attendees will be encouraged to bring tasks related to that month’s topic to either work on or ask for help with a problem.

Sessions are also an ideal time to focus on tasks such as:-

Finishing off work to meet deadlines.



Learning lines/speeches.


Or planning your next year/book/workshop etc.

Focus Zone Format

Focus Zone sessions are 2 hours long and are broken down in to 3 parts:-

  • Initial check in and learning slot on an item related to the current month’s theme. Attendees will then have time to work on the tasks they have brought with them.
  • There will be a mid point check in and social/network chat.
  • There will be an end check in to find out how well each member met their earlier targets.

The chat/break out room facility with an experienced Administrator and/or the guest speaker will be available. You will be able to talk through an admin problem/idea related to the month’s topic or any admin issue you currently have that you require advice on without disrupting others.