Book Review - Free To Focus

Initially I was draw to this book Free To Focus by Michael Hyatt as I thought it would help with expanding my Focus Zone sessions.

Yes it did.

It makes good points such as there are only 168 hours in a week and we need to be focused so that we do not lose track of time.

Also the book points out that with each distraction it can take us up to 25 minutes to regain our original focus, so you only need 3 or 4 distractions and that is a hour gone out of your day so the idea of blocking out time in your diary and letting everyone know you are not available is a good one and the basis of my Focus Zone sessions.

The next thing Free To Focus pointed out that led me to bringing out my Timesheet Challenge is that you do not have to do everything and if you try you will run out of day.

The book suggest a 3 point plan:-

REVIEW and analyse what you are doing.

CHANGE, can you automate or change they way you do things to make them quicker?

STOP those tasks that take you away from your desired working tasks and income generation and if you need the tasks then to look to outsource them, this is what Virtual Assistants such as me are in business for.

The third thing I liked in the book was its description of the 4 squares of work:- Urgent & Important, Important Not Urgent, Urgent Not Important and Not Urgent Or Important and what goes in to which box and who should do it. This is the joy of having a Virtual Assistant, if you are not spending enough time in your Urgent & Important box then you need to pass on some work so that you can or at least have a ‘Plan Your Week’ session every Monday morning to work out what you are going to do.

The book then goes further in to how to break down your day. Saying you should break tasks in to 2 parts – Onstage (Client work) and Offstage (everything else)

In summary Free To Focus is a good look into what stops you being focused at work, techniques you can put in place and lots of downloads you can use to record your progress.

Free To Focus is available in hardback, paperback, kindle and audio book forms at all good book shops and on Amazon:-


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