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Releasing Your Time & Energy

As a Freelance Admin Assistant I carry out those admin tasks that take you away from doing your thing be it community group, small business or entrepreneur. 

Your own Virtual PA without the worries of employing someone.

No Employee Taxes
No Holiday Pay
No Contract

Help With Time Management
1) Plan Your Week

Keep getting surprised by things cropping up?
Keep missing appointments or deadlines?

Join the PYW – Plan Your Week Facebook group and start your week off with everything planned during the free 30 mins Zoom session.

Every Monday at 9:00am the group meets up to provide support and accountability to members as they write out their to do lists, highlight and share the important tasks and then check in with each other through the week.

Have You Completed The Timesheet Challenge?

Help With Time Management
2) Time Sheet Challenge

‘I’m not sure what I’ve done all day but it’s 5pm’

Do you find yourself muttering the above or similar lines?

Then take my 3 step Timesheet Challenge and find out where you time goes.

1 – Download the Time Sheet Challenge Spreadsheet

2 – For 1 week time yourself on any task that you do.

3 – Arrange your Free Time Sheet Challenge review.

You will go away with a plan of how to improve your time management and make sure you are only doing the tasks you need to do that drive your business forward.

admin support - Craft

Help With Admin Tasks

‘Carrying out those admin tasks that take you away from your day job!’

Think of all the things you could do with your business if you was not doing the following tasks instead:-

Managing your email inbox

Sending out mailmerge letters

Producing newsletters

Client/staff surveys

Google searches

Logging receipts

Raising invoices and chase payment

Website updates

Or social media updates

Office desk

Help With Meetings

Are you getting Zoom meeting fatigue?

Does it fill you with dread thinking about all the email invites you have to send out?

Busy hosting and not concentrating on the meeting?

Help With Meeting takes those worries and problems away.

Choose one of our packages and get back to being part of the meeting:-

Zoom Meetings

Bronze – Management of invites

Silver – Bronze + hosting of Zoom meeting

Gold – Bronze + Silver + Note Taking

Face To Face

Silver – Management of invites or note taking

Gold – Both

Virtual Assistant Doncaster Admin Focus Zone

Help With Focus

Focus Zones provide hints and tips in 4 important areas:-

Time Management


Website/Social Media

Book Keeping

Whilst also providing a space for you to turn off your phone and tell people you are busy allowing you to concentrate on those demanding tasks you keep putting off.


Focus Zone attendees will be encouraged to bring tasks related to that month’s topic to either work on or ask for help with a problem.

Sessions are also an ideal time to focus on tasks such as:-

Finishing off work to meet deadlines.



Or planning your next year/book/workshop etc.

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