My life in 5 virtual backgrounds

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Until the start of lockdown when somebody mentioned Zoom I though of the 1982 song by Fat Larry’s Band now we know of another Zoom, that of online communication.

One fun thing of using Zoom I learnt how to put a virtual background on. This made things more entertaining and also hid the fact that I had not tidied up my room.

My life can be summed up in 5 virtual backgrounds:-

1) Work

Since April 2018 I have been running my own freelance administration business carrying out tasks such as note taking, social media and website updating, book keeping and organising events in person and lately on Zoom.

2) Toastmasters

To help improve my public speaking joined Toastmasters about 4 years ago.

You work though different tasks such as vocal variety and talking with visual aids etc and your talk is evaluated by another member. All this is done within a time limit and if you reach the green card as above you have reached the minimum amount of time your speech should take, Yellow shows you are half way through and the red card signals you should be at the end of your speech.

In February 2019 I completed my 10 speeches and gained the Competent Communicator award and in June this year I completed the Competent Leader award for successful evaluations and helping other members.

3) Seaside

I love going to the coast, especially North Yorkshire and the area around Scarborough.

This picture is of the beach and sea at Cayton Bay just outside Scarborough.

4) Wimbledon

I enjoy playing and watching sports like Football and Tennis.

Here is a picture from Henman Hill at Wimbledon.

I have been lucky to gain tickets quite a few times to go to Wimbledon and I have also visited the Australian Open, French Open and US Open.

5) Star Wars

My favourite films are the Star Wars sagas.

The best ones for me are the original ones from the 70’s and 80’s but I’ve enjoyed most of the recent ones too.

This is a picture from the destroyed Death Star.