Timesheet Challenge

‘I’ll just spend half an hour answering emails’ or ‘I’m not sure what I’ve done all day but it’s 5pm’

Do you find yourself muttering the above or similar lines?

Then take my 3 step Timesheet Challenge

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Step 1 - Download The Timesheet Challenge Spreadsheet

Wondering where all you time goes?

You probably will have completed a timesheet for a client but have your ever timed yourself when working on your own business tasks?

Click the button below to download your FREE Timesheet Challenge spreadsheet and then move on to step 2.

Step 2 - Take The Timesheet Challenge

Grab yourself a timer, I recommend Toggl  (https://toggl.com/) (But other apps are available and a stopwatch works just as well too).

Then for 1 whole week (Mon – Sun) time yourself for every tasks you do throughout the day and log it on your downloaded spreadsheet putting the task in the first column and paid or unpaid in the second.

Then Move on to step 3!

Step 3 - Arrange Your FREE Spreadsheet Review

During your review we will go through your results and look the 3 following areas:-

Which tasks could you stop doing?

Which tasks need doing by you but could be done more efficiently?

Which tasks could you pass on to somebody else to do?

You will go away with a plan of how to improve your time management and make sure you are only doing the tasks you need to do and only those that drive your business forward