Ways a VA saves you time personally and at work

What are those tasks you hate doing or just have not got the time?

A Virtual Assistant can save you time in both your business and private life freeing you up to concentrate on important work or simply go out and have fun knowing it has all been sorted out for you.

Here are 5 tasks that could be outsourced to a Virtual Assistant to save you time:-

1) Event Planning

Save you time - Event planning


If you have some meetings coming up get your Virtual Assistant to contact the people involved and then when a time and date is agreed the VA can get on with booking the venue and travel arrangements.


Do you always say ‘We should go and see that when it comes to our area’ and then never get round to it?

Well go through the theatre brochures, make yourself a list of all the things you want to see then get your Virtual Assistant to book them for you.

2) Diary Management

VA - Diary


Arrange a meeting adding “I’ll get my VA to confirm” then email them the info and they can add it to your ‘google calendar’ and double check you are free.

If you are they can confirm it for you and at periodic intervals leading up to it they can send you a reminder.


Are you one of those people who go around saying ‘Oh was that last night?’

In future, when you agree to things, send a message to your VA so they can keep your diary up to date and remind you so you can change your sentence to ‘Oh what a great night!”

3) Book Keeping

VA Book Keeping


Having a VA do your ‘books’ can save you time and money.

Time because you are not doing it yourself or spending time at the end of the year trying to find all your receipts because you have already given them to your VA who has added them to a spreadsheet and stored them away neatly in a folder.

Save money as you are only paying VA wages to sort out the receipts and put things on to a spreadsheet leaving you only having to pay Accountant wages for the necessary bits like the tax return and VAT.


Are you one of those people that never looks at their payslip or cannot afford a pair of glasses but go out to the pub 7 nights a week?

By getting a VA to oversee your ins and outs you will be able to see where all your money is going and if it is right making budgeting easier and stopping those ‘surprising’ bills that come round every year like car tax etc.

4) Social Media

Save you time - Social Media


Don’t know your Faceagram from your Instabook but know your organisation or club needs to be on social media?

Send your Virtual Assistant the information you want ‘posting’ and leave them to it.


Spending too much time on social media instead of working, doing your homework or going out with friends?

Pass on your tweeting and posting to a VA and free up your spare time.

5) Proofreading

Save you time - Proofreading


You have spent all those hours on a tender to win that big contract sent it off and then you notice all those wiggly red lines under your letters .

Next time before you send it off get your Virtual Assistant  to have another set of eyes scan your document to make sure what you have put makes sense and is spelt correctly.


Applying for that dream job or completing your final year dissertation?

Then before you hand it in get your VA to give it a quick spelling and grammar check before it goes.

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