Why Everyone Needs A VA

Do you hate doing admin or love doing it but wish you were not doing it so you could spend time on more important things?

Well this is where a Virtual Assistant can help.

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Administrator

A Virtual Assistant or VA for short is a person who help you with your administration tasks but works from an external location, so you do not have to worry about having an office for them.

They are self-employed so there is no Tax, NI and salary calculations to make all you have to do is pay for the work they have done, and it can be from as little as one hour to as much as a full 40-hour week and can be for one occasion up to an ongoing agreement.

Also, a VA can be a help not just in a business scenario but can help with people’s private lives too.

Do you hate doing admin or love doing it but wish you were not doing it so you could spend time on more important things? Well this is where a Virtual Assistant can help.

5 Tasks A Virtual Assistant (VA) Can Help You With:-

1) Diary Management

Save you time - Diary Management

How many people have made or received the following type of phone call:

“Hello, I’m ringing to confirm our meeting tomorrow”

“Our meeting is today!”

“No, we agreed the 10th September”

“It is the 10th September!”

“Oh, sorry can we rearrange”

If these people had a VA then the events would be put in the correct dates and a reminder on a monthly, weekly, daily or even hour basis can be set up and sent to them.

2) Event Planning

VA - Event Palnning

Two common scenarios crop up with event planning.

Firstly, an event needs organising like an open day or project at work or the Christmas fair at your local church. At the initial meeting everyone is enthusiastic but at the meeting a week before the event when the question is “Has it been done” is asked people disappear in to the background.

Get yourself a Virtual Assistant to coordinate things for you and keep an eye on what has or has not been done.

The second scenario is when you are at home flicking through the cinema or theatre brochures and you list all the things you want to see and say to yourself, “I’ll book them next week” and then forget or are too busy.

Again, enlist the help of a VA, send them your list and get them to book your tickets.

3) Book Keeping

VA Book Keeping

There are those who can account for every single penny they have got and then there is everyone else. Those who never ever look at their wage slip or bank account.

That is where a Virtual Assistant can help.

Scan your receipts and invoices over to them, let them log them and run a report off that which doubles up as information for you and a profit and loss account for shareholders and accountants.

With a profit and loss account you can see exactly how much is coming in and going out and which one is winning. People seem to struggle with working out whether a one-off payment or a weekly payment is best. Ask them to pay you £50 a year and they won’t do it but ask for £3 a week and they would happily pay it whilst being £106 worst off a year.

4) Paperwork

If you are a business do you need help with sending off invoices, sending out reminders, processing orders or coordinating an event?

If you are an individual have you updated that CV yet, filled out the tax return, typed up your assignments?

Both these types of people can get a VA to help.

5) Social Media

Save you time - Social Media

Another place with two types of people, those that don’t know how to use the latest app or machine and those that spend too much time playing on Facebook etc when they should be doing something more important.

Both these can outsource to a Virtual Assistant who can get them online and in-touch with friends and family all over the world or work crafting and scheduling posts to your company website or social media page, so you can get on with your job.

If you’re a window cleaner for example, what gets you money, cleaning peoples windows or playing on Facebook. Yes, both are needed but with a VA you can spend more time doing things that bring in income.

There are many other ways a Virtual Assistant can help as they all have their own niche or skills, some have great knowledge of working in churches, with small companies, with medium size companies etc, others are trained accountants, coaches or HR Officers.


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