Help With Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings

Just a few weeks ago a Zoom meeting was a novelty whereas now it is an important part of doing business.

That is great but are you now getting Zoom meeting fatigue? Does it fill you with dread thinking about all the emails that you have to send out inviting others to your zoom meeting.

Is your business doing webinars, are you a group that was once face to face but now meets online or maybe your are a teacher/lecturer that now have to invite students to Zoom lessons? 

Or during the Zoom meeting are you spending all your time concentrating on the Zoom waiting room settings and letting people in or putting them on mute once the meeting has started and not actually spending time focusing on the meeting?

Maybe you are coping inviting someone to your Zoom meeting and hosting it but how is the note taking going? Are you catching everything that has been said. Yes you can record it but it still needs transcribing at some point so you can pass the details on to others.

Help With Admin can help take over these tasks releasing your time and energy so that you can concentrate on the people and the discussions in the meeting rather that worrying about have you invited everyone, how do I mute everyone and has anyone a clue what we actually agreed in the meeting.

Choose your plan


£ 25
per Hr
  • Coordinate invites, login details and attendance lists


£ 50
per Hr
  • Bronze package plus
  • Host meeting


£ 100
per Hr
  • Bronze & Silver packages plus:-
  • Note taking

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