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Take note and save the world!

With the Rocketbook you can do your bit for the planet.

Here is my review.

Book Review – An Overnight Success

Before you get to the chapters one line in the introduction stands out:

“One thing’s for sure: success does not come overnight”.

It may appear that Maria has come from nowhere and become an overnight success but in reality it has taken her over 15 years to get where she has.

This statement both fills me with hope and dread.

Hope because there is still time for my business to take off and dread in that having just set up my business there could be a long way to go.

Time to hire a VA?

Offically the title is “Is It Time To Hire An Author VA“ but I thought what was said related to everyone not just writers.

Ways a VA saves you time personally and at work

A Virtual Assistant can save you time in both your business and private life freeing you up to concentrate on important work or simply go out and have fun knowing it has all been sorted out for you.

Here are 5 tasks that could be outsourced to a Virtual Assistant to save you time:-

Why Everyone Needs A VA

Do you hate doing admin or love doing it but wish you were not doing it so you could spend time on more important things?

Well this is where a Virtual Assistant can help.

Book Review – Small Change

Small Change by Dan Ariely looks at money mishaps and how to avoid them by looking into what goes off in our brains to sabotage us from using money wisely.

Book Review – You Are Awesome

Everything is awesome says the Lego Movie and You Are Awesome says Matthew Syed the author of the book I read.

Here is my review.

One Hell Of A Journey

Journey To Work “Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.” ― Erol Ozan This witty remark, quoted in an article on motivation in the CIPD People Management magazine inspired me to share some memorable commutes I have known. My Memorable Journeys Such as the one when I was working one Sunday morning at…
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8 Time-Management Hacks

8 Time-Management Hacks to Optimize Your Life In and Outside Work.