Help With Admin




Arranging meetings, booking venues, sending out paper work, Zoom hosting, typing up the minutes.



Logging receipts, sending out invoices, producing monthly reports, Gift Aid/VAT return submissions.



Updating your website, posting on social media pages such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instangram etc.


Help With Admin



I work with my clients to sort the room booking out, distribute the pre meeting paperwork such as agendas etc and manage the attendance list so that they can concentrate on the actual content of the meeting and not spending precious time on admin tasks.


I have the paid for Zoom licence so clients don’t have to worry about the 40min limit on the free account.

With this I have Zoom hosted many events such as Committee meetings, Church Services, Toastmaster competitions and social evenings to name but a few. I have led some of these events too.

I also provide a note taking service and have a HR background so can provide notes for a range of things from committee meetings through to disciplinary meetings.


I can sit quietly in the Zoom background or at the back of the room when we return to face to face meetings or you can record your meeting and send your file and I will type up your minutes.

Some clients ask just for a short summary of the meeting whilst others want a blow by blow account and I am happy with either request.

My aim is to have the completed notes back to you within 2 working days of the meeting.

Help With Admin


In's & Outs

Most of my clients fall in to one of the following two camps.

Those that are disappearing under a growing mountain of receipts for business purchases they have made through out the year and are coming up to the Tax Return deadline realising that they will need some help to meet the cut off date.


Those who are struggling with cashflow and along the way work out the reason for their problems – They have not got round to invoicing for any of their work for the last few months.

So I help them to balance their books.

A couple of clients have worked out from the start they are not going to get round either the income or expenditure tasks and have outsourced them to me.

Help With Admin


Social Media

I’ve got some clients who know what they want but don’t have the time to do it so they give me a template and tell me what can change and what can’t and then leave me to schedule posts on their behalf on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and then there are those who know they need to be on social media but no idea how to do it and give me free rein to come up with content on their behalf.


Examples of my Work




I have a good knowledge of WordPress having built this website myself.

I have clients who have a website and just need pictures or a bit of content updating through to those who have asked me to re do their website from scratch.


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