Book Review – Deep Work

Here at Help With Admin we love Cal Newport and his book Deep Work. Whenever we can we like to carry out deep work and just concentrate on one task at once which enables us to focus solely on what we are doing and give a better result to our clients.
Book review
Deep workProfessional activities performed in a state of distraction -free concentration that pushes your cognitive capabilities to their limits, – Cal Newport, Author Deep Work

Deep Work by Cal Newport is a simply laid out book with just two sections.

The first section looks in to the research he has carried out in to showing how valuable periods of deep work are and how they are becoming rarer with the development of things such as open planned offices and desk sharing.

The book looks at the two main abilities people need to have in the current climate:-

The ability to quickly master hard/new things.

The ability to produce great work in terms of quality and speed.

The chance to greatly hit these targets are enhanced if you are left alone to get on with the job or research. With that the author Cal Newport gives 4 rules that if followed will help you better master hard/new things and produce work to a better quality.

The 4 rules are:-

  1. Work deeply
  2. Embrace boredom
  3. Quit social media
  4. Drain the shallows

Rules 1 & 3 run into each other, by quitting social media or at least blocking it at work you will have less distractions that will lead you to be able to concentrate more fully on what you are doing and not  get thrown off course by a notification beep.

Rule 2, Embrace boredom looks at taking a break and not using your attention and brain power all the time as this can decrease the effectiveness of a deep work session if you are constantly on the go and always checking emails and texts.

Lastly rule 4, Drain The Shallows talks about how effective people are during a full day at work and looks into the possibilities that doing less hours per day but more constructive work than carrying out the standard 8hr work day with highs and lows of productivity.

That in a nutshell is a summary of Deep Work and it is what the Help With Admin Focus Zone is all about, giving you the ideal environment so that you can work without distraction, focus on the task in hand and get it done.

The Focus Zone on the Third Tuesday of the month will be geared toward social media. A quiet space with no distractions will be provided for you to work on your social media planning and content creation. 

The Focus Zone session on the First Tuesday of the month will concentrate on book keeping.

But attendees are free to focus on any task that they need to get done.

For more details and to book on a session visit:-  
Deep Work by Cal Newport is available on Amazon and at all good bookshops.

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