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Here at Help With Admin we love Cal Newport and his book Deep Work. Whenever we can we like to carry out deep work and just concentrate on one task at once which enables us to focus solely on what we are doing and give a better result to our clients.

That in a nutshell is what the Focus Zone is all about, giving you the ideal environment so that you can work without distraction, focus on the task in hand and get it done and you are free to focus on any task you want.

But we are fully aware that there are two big monthly tasks that need doing and are done best when you can get your head down and do them without being disturbed.

These two tasks are:-
Social media planning and content creation.
Month end bookkeeping, logging receipts and sending out your invoices for work done.

With that the Focus Zone on the Third Tuesday of the month will be geared toward social media. A quiet space with no distractions will be provided for you to work on your social media planning and content creation. There will be templates and tips of the best websites/apps to use for planning and creation on hand. Also present at the session will be Content Writer Genius Emma Gullon to answer any questions you have and to provide hints and tips to make your planning and content even better than it is now.

The Focus Zone session on the First Tuesday of the month will concentrate on book keeping. Again a quiet space will be provided for you to get your book keeping done. Spreadsheet templates will be available to help with recording your data. Also present at the session will be the Admin Aspirin Steve Bisby who is an expert in Quickbooks & Xero accounting software and using good old Excel, Steve will be on hand to help with any queries you have.

A third session is being worked on that will focus around the areas of meditation and mindset.

Session held at the Premier Inn Hotel, High Fishergate, Doncaster DN1 1QZ are 3 hours long (9am to Noon) available both on a one off basis or there is a discount if you sign up to the monthly Focus Zone Package.

Dates Of The Next Sessions

Social Media - Tuesday 20th September 2022

Book Keeping - Tuesday 4th October 2022

Emma Gullon

Here's our Content Writing genius, Emma Gullon's story!

"The results of my high quality work has delivered tangible results.

In 2019, whilst marketing for a Sheffield Theatre company’s showcase they had only sold between 20 – 30 tickets out of 109. However, thanks to my continuous online content, promoting each performance and the artists who created them daily, the sales increased to 60 – 70 for both nights.

Ever since then, I have been helping people from beauticians to dog groomers give their business’ more online visibility – all of whom have noticed a striking and positive difference!"

Steve Bisby

Here's Our Admin Aspirin, Steve Bisby's Story

I have over 20 years’ experience in public, private and voluntary sector administration and since 2018 I have run Help With Admin

Help With Admin is a complete administrative solution for small businesses and community groups, allowing those that are not at the stage of requiring a full-time administrator to outsource their admin and focus on their core tasks.

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