Take Note And Save The World

Celebrating World Environment Day (5th June) here is a look what what I am doing to help save the world.

Hands up if you love a good notebook?

Hands up who takes notes for a living?

Hands up who needs to make a note of something before they forget it?

I’m guilty on all counts.

Is it just me who gets that person in a meeting who tries to get their point across by saying the same thing 4 times in a row, each time with a different pitch of voice to see if it makes a difference and by the end of it you have written enough to make War and Peace look like essay not a book.

Add to that somebody buys me a notebook that has a pretty cover and I convince myself it would ruin the book if I started using it so I end up going back to the one I had declared full and try and put even more notes in it in any space or margin I can find.

Before I saw the light this action left me with numerous wardrobes with no room for clothes because they housed half the Amazon rain forest in the form of notebooks inside them.

The lightbulb moment came when I was reading a copy of the T3 magazine on my tablet (what would I do without Readly?) and I came across the latest gadget for the office:-


The RocketBook (https://getrocketbook.co.uk/)

Advertised as the Everlast, smart, reusable notebook with Frixion pen and wipe provided.


Reusable was the word that caught my eye. With that I ordered myself one.

The RocketBook is great, you write your notes, highlight one of the icons at the bottom of the page, take a picture of it using the app and it will wing its way to the destination of your choice (There 8 different destinations with OneDrive/Google Drive, Photos Gallery and email being the most common.

Then you wipe the page with a damp cloth and after a few seconds of drying, you are ready to go again.

To be honest the OCR is a big let down, unless you only put one letter in a box and write in block capitals 100% neatly it will not convert your text correctly so you may end up spending more time altering the bits that are wrong than if you had just typed the thing out from the start.

But if you just want a PDF copy of what you have written then use the Rocketbook, as the picture saved is of a good standard and on your PC it is searchable rather than just keeping it in a paper notebook where you know it is in one of those piles but can never find it again.

With the pens I would recommend a pack of Frixon pens with your Rocketbook as the one supplied for me ran out after a week yet over 6 months later I am only on pen 2 of a pack of 6 I bought at the same time as my book.


With the Rocketbook you can do your bit for the planet and global warming by saving trees because buying one Rocketbook saves you from having to buy any more notebooks.

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