Help With Admin Guide To Filing

Whatever business you are in and whether it is from dealing with customers and or suppliers, you will end up collecting paperwork and equipment. Left unattended these items grow into piles which in time cover tables, floor and rooms. To stop that the good old job of filing needs to be completed. In the Help […]

4 Places To Take Note

Are you one of those people who is always making notes on the back of fag packets, receipts or scraps of paper and then losing them or wanting a better system?.   Bizzo Collection/Help With Admin has below 4 places to take note with two ideas of online notes and two paper based ideas.   […]

Why Wait 9 Months?

Well done! You have made survived the mad January rush to get your receipts in and your accounts up to date. But do you really want to go through all that again every time? Lots of people just hand over a bag of receipts and invoices to their accountant on the 31st Jan each year. […]