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Are you one of those people who is always making notes on the back of fag packets, receipts or scraps of paper and then losing them or wanting a better system?.


Bizzo Collection/Help With Admin has below 4 places to take note with two ideas of online notes and two paper based ideas.


Online Notepads
1 – aNotepad

A nice simple screen with a title box and a content box to enable you to write away to your hearts content, be it your next novel, shopping list or blog post.

If you register with aNotepad you can save your document and then share it to 181 different places from such as Facebook, WordPress, Email or Google.


To-do Lists

2 – ClickUp

ClickUp is a place for logging to-do lists and setting reminders for yourself.

You set up a group and then you can add Tasks to it, in the tasks you can set a start & due date, give it a priority.

The other great thing with it is you can get an email address for your group so if you get an email with something you need to take action on you can email it to ClickUp and it will be added to your list of tasks and you have a record of the email so you can delete the original email and clean out your inbox.


Paper Notebooks

3 – Bizzo Collection Notebooks

The Bizzo Collection Notebooks are A5 sized with 100 lined pages for you to jot down your lists, take notes at meetings or start your journaling habit. Ideal for those who love good old fashioned paper and pen.

The covers which include seascapes, flowers and animal pictures make them look great on any desk, bookcase or in a school/work bag.



4 – RocketBook

The next step up from the Bizzo Collection Notebooks. The RocketBook has a special type of pen and paper so that you can make note to your hearts content and then when you are ready you can scan your text in to the RocketBook app, save it for posterity and then use a damp cloth to wipe clean your notebook and then you can start again with your reusable notebook.


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