Is It Time to Cancel Some Subscriptions

I’m not talking Disney+ Or Netflix’s (But they do need looking at too) I was thinking more of Canva Pro or all the networking groups you have joined.
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It is always good to have a spring clean of your subscriptions both private and business ones.

Do you actually use them?
Are they worth the money you are playing for them, are you getting a good return on your investment (ROI)?


How to calculate Return On Investment (ROI)
Income Made – Cost Of Investment
Cost Of Investment x 100

Income Made – £1,200 – Cost – £1,000
Example:- £1,200 minus £1,000 = £200 divided by £1,000 x 100 = 20%


So if this was an advert you had placed for £1,000 and you have received £1,200 worth of sales you had a good return on investment of 20%.
Great, the ROI figures are positive, this brings a question of is there anything you can do to make them even better?

But on the flip side is everything looking as rosy with all your spending?

The £50 per month you are paying for your networking group have you ever got any work from it or are you just paying for a plate of chips?
The £100 per year you are paying for Canva Pro, is it worth it, do you do any social media work for your clients, do you get any leads from your posts?
Those Kindle & Audible subscriptions you are paying for at £9.99 & £7.99 per month, do you actually read/listen to anything or is there just a growing list of “one day I’ll get to them?”

Have a look at your subscriptions and tot up the ROI on them and see if there are any you can stop using or can you find cheaper alternatives.

On top of this there are those millions of ‘Free’ newsletters you have subscribed to.
Do you ever read them?

If not start unsubscribing as you are wasting valuable time managing your inbox and constantly deleting things of no importance, as we know time is money!.

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