Declutter Your Calendar

Are the entries in your calendar there to make it look full or are they useful in taking you to the next level.
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Just like decluttering a room or your inbox it is always good now and again to declutter your calendar too.

1) Do You Attend The Events
Are you wasting the time of the organiser chasing you or sending out invites when you have no intention of going to the event. Is the entry in your diary stopping you agreeing to go to other event or do other things because in your mind you are busy that day?

2) Do You Enjoy The Activity?
Are you there just to try and please somebody, it will show if you are going through the motions. If it is a work task you do not enjoy it will take longer than it needs to, and you will make silly mistakes.

If that is the case, look at outsourcing the work tasks you don’t like so you can spend your time on the things you do like doing.

3) Does It Make You Money?
Is the calendar entry a client focused one or is it a two-hour lunch break, they are nice once in a while but do not help the businesses bottom line if that is all you do each day. Is it a task that you could outsource so that you can concentrate on those that do bring an income in? Or is it a business event that give a poor return on investment? Can you find an alternative or cheaper event?

Lastly do you have nothing in your calendar but always seem to be busy?

Then start timing yourself. Keep a note of everything you do and how long it took you.

It is amazing when you analyse to find out that ‘about half an hour’ you have for lunch is actually 2 hours long or the ‘I always start at 9am’ is actually ‘I always start at 9:20.

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Download the record sheet and take the Timesheet Challenge.

For a whole week log all the tasks you carried out and how long it took you.

The arrange your FREE 121 session where we look at what tasks you can delegate, amend or stop doing to free up your time.

You will go away with a plan of how to improve your time management and make sure you are only doing those tasks that move your business forward.

Download your FREE record sheet today!

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