What Is A VA?

An explanation in to what a VA (Virtual Assistant) is.
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VA stands for Virtual Assistant.


A VA can be skilled in only one area such as marketing, booking travel or social media or they can have varied skills to cover a multitude of tasks. They can be used to take off you those tasks you do not have time to do or they can do those tasks you do not know how to do or have the time to find out how.


One of the main benefits of using is a VA is the cost, They are self employed so you only pay for the work they have done and this can be arranged before giving them the task so you can budget accordingly for the cost.



A VA can work from anywhere, They do not have to be in the same room as you, or in the same town as you and they even don’t have to be in the same country or time zone as you.


Some business owners like the VA to be local so that they can meet up face to face occasionally while others like that they can do a full days work starting a task and then hand it over to their VA in another time zone who can finish it off whilst they are asleep.



This is the great thing, A VA is not employed by you, you only pay them when they do some work for you. So it can be once a year, once a month, once a week or every day and as a once off or an ongoing assignment depending on what work you have to outsource.


Your VA can be male or female, young or old, local or internationally based and experienced or someone you can train up the way you would like things to be done.



You can communicate by face-to-face meetings in your office or at a coffee shop if local or you can organise things via email or telephone or now with the growth of online conferencing platforms you can have a video chat using Zoom or Teams.


When you are starting up in business and need a helping hand it is much cheaper to use a VA than employ a member of staff, no ongoing payroll costs, no tax/NI or pension costs, just pay for the work done.


You cannot do it all. Mostly because you do not have the skills or desire to do certain tasks that need to be done for your business to grow and the other reason is even if you have all the skills in the world for every minute you are doing non client work you are working in your business not on it and it will not grow because you are not carrying out client work or out meeting potential new clients.

Steve at Help With Admin is a VA (Virtual Assistant) and is able to help you with meeting organising and note taking, bookkeeping, Website/Social Media updates and other general admin tasks that take you away from working with your clients.

Click on the link https://calendly.com/stevenbisby/30min to arrange your FREE 30mins 121 call to discuss the help you need.

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