5 Things I learnt About Business From Watching Strictly

Whilst watching Strictly Come dancing I noticed 5 things that we should bring in to our business lives.
1215 Strictly

This coming Saturday is the final of Strictly Come Dancing on BBC1.


Strictly Come Dancing is now in its 20th series having started in 2004.

I joined it late not really being interested in it until I met my now Wife in 2009 and was introduced to the world of ballroom dancing. Since then, I have come to enjoy all the glitter and glam as the celebrities take part to try and take the glitterball trophy.

But is the journey of the celebrity any different to our in our business lives?

What can we do to learn new skills and improve our business and try to become the best at what we do?

Here are the 5 Things I learnt About Business From Watching Strictly Come Dancing.


  • Having A Coach

The celebrities get matched with a professional dancing partner who teach them a different routine each week.


What things do you want to learn? how to use Canva for example? Or what skills do you need to improve on to move your business forward? Marketing for example?

A coach is the first thing to get you started.



  • Practice

Many of the celebrities are not ballroom dancers but by show time are able to carry out the routine they have learnt.


Ok you may not be able to spend 5 solid days practicing like the celebrities do but without practice you will never improve.


Can you block some time out in your diary or whilst you are waiting for your child during their (sports/music/enter own activity) lessons could you take your laptop and practice creating a graphic on Canva etc.



  • Constructive Criticism

After dancing the celebrities get told by the judges what went well and what they can improve on.


Could you do this in your own business?


Ask your clients what they like about you and what they you to be better at. Want to learn a new skill speak to colleagues or a coach who can do the skill you want to learn, have a go at it and ask them for their feedback.


  • Growth Mindset

Week after week the celebrities keep going back to learn new dances or improve old ones and to try and make it through to the final

You’ve got your coach, you have done some practice, you have asked for feedback but at the end of the day if you think you cannot improve then that is the likely outcome you will get even if you have all the help in place.


  • Celebrate Small Wins

Only one person is going to win the glitterball at the end of the series but even if they do not win notice how the celebrities get excited about learning a new move, making it through to the next week and making new friends with their professional partners or the other celebrities.


Who do you want to win on Saturday night?

What things have you learnt from watching tv or films?

What skills do you want to improve?

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