5 Tips To Succeed During Screen Free Week

During Screen Free Week could you do it being away from your screen? 5 tips to be able to make it happen.
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In 2023 the average screen time was 6hrs 37 mins (x1) making Screen Free Week (6th-12th May) (x2) a much-needed thing and where possible maybe making it a year-round goal to spend less time glued to a screen.


  1. Read

You could read for business or pleasure, do it alone or in a group.

There are many ways to read a good book. Pop along to your local library, order one from Amazon (other good bookstores are available) or read one from that pile that is growing in the corner of the room. You can do some research for your business (see our 5 books to boost your business blog post) or escape from the world in a fiction book in your favourite Si-Fi or Romance world.

Or make it a social occasion with one of the many book groups around that pick a different book each month, read it and then discuss it over a drink and cake.


  1. Listen

Don’t like reading? What about listening? There is an ever-growing collection of audiobooks available on things like Audible and again like their paper-based book cousins there are audiobooks covering both business and fiction categories.

Audiobooks also lend well to a bit of multitasking along with suggestion 3 of something you can do whilst going for a walk.


  1. Walk

Get out into nature, go for a walk and get your 10,000 steps in, take a friend or on your own, listen to an audiobook or just do it in silence.

Plus, don’t forget to take a notebook with you as often our best business ideas come to us in the middle of a field when we have let our minds run free.


  1. App Blocker

Maybe a Screen Free Week or even Screen Free Day is never going to happen in reality but there are things you can do to limit your screen time.

App blockers are a good tool to stop you scrolling away on social media and help you concentrate on the task at hand.


  1. Get A VA

If you want to read/listen more and get out and about walking but there is always work to do then why not look into getting a Virtual Assistant (VA) (x3) who can take some tasks off your hands?

Good tasks to outsource to a VA are those that you hate or those that take you ages to complete which contribute to your screen time score. Also are there some tasks you hide behind completing instead of spending time moving your business forward? Those can be outsourced too so you can concentrate on finding more of your ideal clients and increasing the amount of client work you do.


X1 – Average screen time found in an article from the Independent website:- https://www.independent.co.uk/advisor/vpn/screen-time-statistics


X2 – Screen Free Week:- https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/screen-free-week/


X3 – What Is A VA?:- https://helpwithadmin.com/what-is-a-va/

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