The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Business Solo: No Employees Required

Are you getting to the stage where there are not enough minutes in the day and spending time working in the office when you should be out and about? Then this is where a Virtual Assistant can help you.
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There are lots of tasks that need completing and as founder of your business it is up to you to make sure the tasks are completed but it does not have to be you that does them all.


The two big reasons for outsourcing some of you work are:-


1) Tasks you hate doing.
If it does not float your boat, then why keep doing it? Get somebody in because if you hate doing things at best you will half heartedly do it and at worst you will not do it and then come deadline day mass panic hits for example Tax Return day.


2) You keep putting off getting out and about making sales as you have ‘work’ to do in the office.
If you are not carrying out income generating tasks you are at best standing still and at worst losing money so get somebody in to do the paperwork and you can get back to increasing income.


A Virtual Assistant can be the answer.


The benefits include getting the work that you hate or do not have time to do completed plus on top of that you only pay for the actual time the freelancer works.

So all the add Ons of an employee such as:-
holiday and sickness pay,
pension contributions, etc.
You do not have to pay.

Also a lot of freelance people work from home, a coffee shop or anywhere there is wifi so you don’t even need to have space for them in your premises.


The types of tasks you can outsource are:-

Bookkeeping – Are you forever saving up your receipts for your accountant to give him/her them on 31st Jan? This may tick off your statutory responsibilities but if you had someone doing your book keeping it would save time on accountancy fees and if your accounts were up to date you could make correct financial decisions instead of guessing and hoping you had enough money in the budget.

Marketing – Yes you know your business best and should be coming up with the ideas or at least being involved in the decision making but does it really need to be you ringing the printers to get your flyers ordered, collecting your merchandise from the sorting office or posting all your adverts on social media?
If it is not you posting on social media it takes away the temptations to have ‘a quick 5 mins’ reading your feeds on Facebook and Twitter etc.

Office Support – Are you forever deleting junk emails, arranging meetings, booking travel, researching information for your next campaign or updating your website? Your Virtual Administrator could take all this work off you letting you concentrate on the bigger things.

Testing – If you are a designer before your product goes live do you ever test it? A freelancer could be a second pair of eyes and ears for you and try and ‘break’ your product before it goes to market so you find out issues before your customers do. Again, using them on a freelance basis you can book them in for the testing period but do not need to employ the during the building phases which in turn keeps costs down.
By using a freelancer, you are supporting a local business like yourself and if things do take off and you become the next Apple or Google and you need to take on employees you already have some excellent candidates already doing some work for you.

These are only a few of the many tasks a Virtual Assistant can carry out for you, What help do you need?

Arrange your FREE 121 to discuss your needs and start 2024 doing the jobs you love and outsource the rest.

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